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Fuvahmulah, Maldives Tiger Shark Tours

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Fuvahmulah - The Best Dive Sites in Maldives.


With amazing marine life and colorful coral reefs, Maldives is a renowned scuba diving destination. Fuvahmulah, located in the south, has some of the best dive sites in Maldives for pelagic scuba diving.
The distinctive geography of Fuvahmulah as a solitary island and distant from other land mass brings nutrient rich ocean currents. This phenomenon creates an ideal environment for a cleaning station and nursery for a diverse range of pelagic fish.


Pelagic 5 Nights
US$1725 net per person

Between 10 to 12 dives consecutively (3 dives a day)

Pelagic 7 Nights
US$2255 net per person

Between 16 to 18 dives consecutively (3 dives a day)

Pelagic 10 Nights
US$3050 net per person

Between 25 to 27 dives consecutively (3 dives a day)

Customise Your Fuvahmulah Dive Package

All dive packages include:
Full board accommodations (3 meals a day)
Accommodations are on a 2 person sharing basis
Daily dive pick ups & drop offs
2-way domestic flight transfers from Male to Fuvahmulah
2-way domestic airport pick up & drop off
All dive packages excludes the following & are to be borne by the
Full equipment rental at US$30 per day or US$5 per item per dive
Single room accommodations are an additional US$35 per night

Fuvahmulah is fast gaining popularity as the place to be for tiger shark diving in
Maldives and possible the world. It is believed the island may have the healthiest population of tiger sharks due to the island’s unique topography. To date, the island has over 200 individuals identified. Tiger shark sightings are all year round, as a result tiger shark diving in Fuvahmulah a guaranteed experience.

The Best Pelagic and Shark Diving in Maldives The distinctive geography of Fuvahmulah as a solitary island in the ocean, distant from other land mass brings nutrient rich ocean currents. Consequently, this phenomenon creates the ideal environment for a cleaning station and nursery for a diverse range of pelagic fish. Divers have one of the best opportunities in the world to encounter. Seven rare
sharks are found in Fuvahmulah diving sites, including thresher sharks when shark diving in Fuvahmulah. These elusive sharks are usually in deeper waters but are drawn to the cleaning stations in the shallow waters. By the same token, thresher shark sightings through the year like the tiger sharks.

In the right conditions, divers can watch in awe as schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks cruise the currents. These oddly shaped head sharks usually start to make an appearance in October and can sometimes last till April.

The gentle giants of the ocean, the majestic whale sharks are also known to visit Fuvahmulah between January to May. The silver tip, grey reef and white tip sharks are some the other shark species that complete this rich ecosystem. Fuvahmulah Diving Sites The island has some of the best dive sites in Maldives, including the house coral reef with over 100% coverage. As has been noted in the baseline data research
the coral reef is healthy and stable. To illustrate the health of the reef, species of coral that are on the edge of extinction were found here.

Maldives Dive Package Promotions If pelagic and shark diving in Maldives is on your list, it is time to plan and book a Maldives dive package. For the best shark diving in Fuvahmulah, the all- inclusive Maldives dive packages covers you from domestic flights to accommodations. Take advantage of current Maldives dive packages promotion and book now.

Room Facilities and Amenities

We prioritize to book our divers at Ataraxis Grand & Spa, one of the best places to stay in Fuvahmulah. The rooms and facilities offered are comparable to some of the best dive resorts in Maldives. All rooms at Ataraxis Grand & Spa feature either a double bed or 2 single beds with en suite bathroom. Similarly, at best dive resorts Maldives, rooms at Ataraxis has a mini bar, black out curtains and satellite tv. Rooms also have air-conditioning, safe deposit box, hair dryer and other in-room amenities like the best dive resorts Maldives. 

Dive Resort Maldives Meal Plans

The Maldives dive package includes accommodations on different meal plans for divers. The most popular arrangement is accommodation on full board, which is 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The other two options are half board, which is breakfast and dinner; or bed & breakfast, which is breakfast only. Meals are all arranged at the hotel’s in-house restaurant, The Spot. Should divers have dietary restrictions, the team at Ataraxis will be able to accommodate. If divers have dietary restrictions, we are able to notify the team at Ataraxis in advance. Ataraxis also provides facilities such as a gym, spa and sauna like some of the best dive resorts Maldives.

Cancellation policy is as follow:

Refunds due to cancellations are subject to deductions. Please refer
to the below table for details.

Days Before Arrival Refund
30 days before arrival 100%
29 - 15 days before arrival 50%
Less than 15 days before arrival 0%
Terms & Conditions of cancellation and refunds:

Refunds are not applicable after arrival.
If the the domestic flight ticket has been purchased, 90% of that
amount will be refunded. The domestic airline will deduct 10% as
cancellation charges. Domestic tickets are refunded after the request
has been processed and monies disbursed by the airline.
In the event that the length of stay is shorten by a guest's own
decision, any outstanding monies or unused portions of the dive &
stay package will not be refunded.
Upon arrival, any cancellation due to weather or any natural causes
will not be refunded.

Respective charges will apply for any extension of stays.