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The Great South of Maldives always leaves you wanting more. For this reason, so that you really have the opportunity to fully enjoy it, we have created this very special and unique route that crosses the Maldives from Malé to the last southern atoll, without internal flights, in no less than 13 days (12 nights on board ). You will be able to enjoy everything that the Maldives has to offer you by touring the best atolls in the Maldives, seeing spectacular species of sharks: Tigers, Hammerheads, schools of Silver Tips, Oceanic Black tips, Leopards, Thresher Shark, Whale Shark. Absolutely splendid!

The whale shark at night in Taa or Gaaf Alif,  the nurses sharks  in the afternoon and at night in Felidhoo.

Leaving Male, this route goes south to the end of Maldives visiting the incredible Fuvahmulah Atoll on the way there and back where tiger sharks are the protagonists, this unique atoll for the variety of shark species that we can see, up to 11 species of sharks can be seen.

Atolls visited: North Male, South Male, Felidhoo, Mulako, Taa, Gaaf Alif, Fuvahmulah (1 DAY 3 DIVES)

Departing from Male, this route goes south to the end of the Maldives visiting the incredible Fuvahmulah atoll on the way there and back where tiger sharks are the protagonists of this unique atoll.

Atolls visited: North Male, South Male, Felidhoo, Mulako, Taa, Gaaf Alif, Fuvahmulah (2 or 3 dives with tiger sharks).



In MULAKO southbound atoll we find outer reefs with beds full of marine life, channels with Gray Sharks, White Tips, Eagle Rays, Tunas, Carangids, banks of Barracudas and as a protagonist a Manta cleaning station, where these wonderful animals come to deworm. 

In TAA atoll we will dive in channels and we will see Whale Sharks at night. An image that leaves you breathless. We will also see deserted islands, a landscape that will remain in the retina forever.


Sharks in channels. Surely the best channel in Maldives close to Viligil Island. Dozens or hundreds of sharks will pass before our eyes, an unforgettable moment. Coral reefs with green turtles and the chance to see the leopard shark. A dive with Black Tip Sharks (Spinners), Gray Sharks, bull Sharks, Guitarfish and again a spot in the center of the atoll with whale sharks at night.



In the penultimate Maldives atoll, there is this island located in the middle of the ocean, where anything can happen. For big life lovers, especially oceanic sharks, without a doubt the protagonist is the tiger shark, in addition to being able to spot Hammerhead Sharks, giant Hammerhead Sharks, Silver Tip Sharks, Thresher Sharks, and Oceanic Mantas.



An atoll where there are several local islands that hardly see tourists, thus maintaining the essence of the Maldives. Some reefs located on the outside of the atoll, where schools of fish of all species abound, corals of infinite colors where marine life literally surrounds you and you feel that the ocean embraces you and makes you fall in love. There are also channels with abundant pelagic life, such as Gray Sharks, White Tips, Black Tips and schools of Barracudas.



In the east of the atoll, there is the famous channel "Miyaru Kandu" (in the local language it means shark channel). We will dive in Alimatha, also well known throughout the world for diving with Nurse Sharks at night and at sunset. Further south we find "Foteyo" wall with soft coral up to 30 meters deep and the possibility of seeing Hammerhead Sharks at dawn.



The atoll is located in the south of the capital Male. Channel dives and the underwater mountains so characteristic of the Maldives have a great variety of marine life, small crustaceans, shrimps, nudibrachians, a macro life of incomparable beauty and a wreck (sunken ship) called "Kuda Giri". The star dive of this atoll "Kandoma kandu," an explosion of Gray Sharks and so much life that it is truly overwhelming, life at its fullest.



Located in the center of the Maldives atoll, this is part of the capital, Male. Known dive sites would be Lankan Finolhu, where we find mantas during the SW Monsoon season and Tuna Factory where the explosion of life is guaranteed. Dozens of stingrays and moray eels. To finish near the fishing port the dive that leaves you breathless, Spinner Sharks, Giant Hammer, Lemon, Bull, Tiger, and Guitar Fish. 




They are the steps through which the oceanic water enters the interior of the atolls, which provide a large amount of nutrients and therefore we can see the entire food chain, from small fish to large pelagic fish and it is where we will find most sharks, the white tips, the gray, the “silver tips”.... Being the area where the reef "narrows" the current that comes from the open sea can be strong, and you know, in diving where there is current there is life...


A Thila is a submerged coral reef, usually with a flat surface that rises between 9 and 12 meters below the surface of the sea. On the sides we can find caves, in this dive you can see large schools of fish and hard and soft coral. Thilas are usually found both in the channels and within the atoll.


They are small round corals that protrude a few meters above sea level, although they are submerged. It is an environment rich in life like the Thilas, with caves and holes


The reef fringe usually begins at a depth of 2 meters, reaching 40m. in deep areas. In the outer part of the atoll we will find a transit area where whale sharks, manta rays, hammerhead sharks and gigantic tuna swim in the open sea of Maldives.



-20th MARCH to 1st APRIL 2023 (12 nights/13days)
Price: $ 3900 Per Person, tax included Pay on boat $ 150 and 2 or 3 Tiger Shark dive ($ 30 each one)